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Strong model interchangeable C Z purlin steel frame roll forming machine

Strong model interchangeable C Z purlin steel frame roll forming machine

The C Z purlin roll forming machines are designed for the production of the most commonly used supporting beams for building C shaped steel purlin & Z shaped steel purlins as well as solar panel mounting structure and cable tray, Door Frame, Pallet Rack,

 C Z Purlin Machines are designed to manufacture C and Z-shaped purlins, which are essential components in building construction. These machines come in various types based on their features, production capacity, and customization capabilities. Here are some common types of C Z Purlin Machines:
  1. Single-C Z Purlin Machine:

    • This type of machine is designed to produce either C or Z purlins independently. It is suitable for applications where a single profile is required for a specific construction project.
  2. Quick Change Type C Z Purlin Machine:

    • Quick change type machines are designed for rapid profile changes. They feature a tool-free or minimally tool-assisted system, allowing operators to switch between C and Z profiles efficiently, reducing downtime.
  3. Automatic C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

    • These machines are equipped with advanced automation features, including PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems. Automation enhances precision, reduces manual intervention, and contributes to higher production efficiency.
  4. Hydraulic C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

    • Hydraulic C Z Purlin Machines utilize hydraulic systems to control various functions, such as cutting and punching. The hydraulic components contribute to increased processing speed and reliability.
  5. C Z Purlin Interchangeable Roll Forming Machine:

    • Interchangeable roll forming machines are designed to produce a range of C and Z purlin sizes without the need for extensive manual adjustments. This flexibility allows for quick adaptation to different project requirements.
  6. High-Speed C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

    • High-speed machines are engineered for rapid production rates. They feature faster roll forming speeds and optimized processes to meet the demands of large-scale construction projects.
  7. Manual Adjustment C Z Purlin Machine:

    • Manual adjustment machines require operators to make manual changes when switching between C and Z profiles. While they may be less automated than other types, they are still efficient for smaller-scale production.
  8. Multi-Size C Z Purlin Machine:

    • Multi-size machines are designed to produce purlins of different sizes within a certain range. This type of machine is beneficial when manufacturing purlins for various applications in a single production run.
  9. Pre-Punching C Z Purlin Machine:

    • Pre-punching machines are equipped with punching mechanisms that create holes or slots in the purlins during the roll forming process. This feature is useful for applications where pre-punched holes are required for fastening or other purposes.

When choosing a C Z Purlin Machine, manufacturers consider factors such as production capacity, automation level, flexibility, and the specific requirements of the construction projects they intend to support. The type of machine selected depends on the scale of production, the diversity of profiles needed, and the desired level of automation for efficiency.

C&Z purlin roll forming machine are used to produce size 80-300 C and 100-300 Z purlins , thickness 1 to 3 mm steel purlins and sometimes up to 5mm thickness required for special application. Punching holes are available. This C&Z purlin quick-change roll forming machine can produce C shaped steel purlin & Z shaped steel purlins only by simple adjustment on. Workers just need to change two rollers, then can realize to produce C from Z purlin, very simple and quick. For this machine, we have strong version heavy gauge machine, economic version machine according to client’s special request.

The C Z Purlin Machine stands as a testament to the evolution of construction technology, providing an efficient and versatile solution for the production of structural elements. Its features, advantages, and components collectively contribute to cost-effective, high-quality purlin manufacturing, essential for the stability and success of diverse construction projects. As the construction industry continues to demand flexible and efficient solutions, the C Z Purlin Machine remains a cornerstone in the creation of robust and resilient building structures.

Now let's introduce each part of fully automatic C U Z purlin roll forming machine

C Z interchangeable purlin machine is consist of decoiler, feeding guide, punching device (there is post punching and pre-punching for choose), leveling unit, roll forming unit, hydraulic cutter, hydraulic pump and PLC base control system. Everything could be operated on the PLC control system with touch screen, such as required quantities, required lengths and require holes etc. This interchangeable C/Z purlin roll forming machine could produce both C & Z purlins with difference sizes automatically it takes 10-30 minutes to change the production, there is no need to change cutter for different sizes of C&Z steel purlins & Solar structure purlins because unlimited cutter is adjustable as well punching tools are assembled after roll forming and the distance is also adjustable, very convenience and popular on the market.

Decoiler- feeding- leveling - punching -- roll forming -- cutting - receiving table

Machine components:
Manual decoiler 1 set;
Main roll forming machine (feeding - leveling - punching - roll forming - cutting) 1 set;
Hydraulic station 1 set; 
Control computer 1 set;
Receiving table 2 sets;
Maintain tools 1 set;
Instruction manual 1 brochure.
Decoiler System Usage: support steel coil and uncoil it in a turntable way.
Loading capacity: 3 t
Uncoiling width: 500 mm
Inner diameter: 450-550 mm
Feeding and Leveling
Make sure inputted steel sheet straight and neat and then  roll forming process could be made accurate.
Feeding rollers: 1 set
Guiding rollers: 2 sets
Leveling rollers: 4 up + 5 down
Roller diameter: 80mm
Roller material: Cr15
Power supply: pulled by main transmission motor
Main roll forming system
Machine base frame is made of U beam weld steel. In the main roll forming machine, there are 2 buttons for urgency stop in case any accident happens. Machine stations are made of  iron cast to make machine stable and strong.
Main motor power (electric motor): 18.5 kw
Table frame: 460 U beam
Roller station: 20 stations
Roller material: Cr15 quench treatment precision machining, hard chrome-plated ,HRC55-60
Shaft diameter:¢80mm
Shaft material: S45C, heat treatment HRC42
Pinching device: 2 Steps of pinching
Transmission: by chain
Roller stand: cast steel structure
Width adjust motors (electric motor): 1.5 kw*1 set, 0.75*2 sets
Punching system
Usage: Automatic holes punching controlled by PLC. Punching after forming to make sure the accurate punching. Totally 2 punching stations. For different profile, please change to related dies.
Power supply: hydraulic power
Punching molds: Cr12mov quench treatment
Tolerance is ±2 for elements of 12mts
Cutting System
It employs post-cutting, hydraulic drive and automatic
location to decide the dimension and cut target
products, ensure stability, precision and cutting speed.
Cutting type: after forming stop cutting
Power supply: hydraulic power
Material of blade: Cr12mov quench treatment
Length measuring: automatic encoder measuring
Tolerance is ±2 for elements of 12mts
For cutting blade, you can manually adjust the cutter to cut different sizes of c z purlin. NO need to change new blade and this cutter is easy to operate.
Receiving Table
Frame: weld by angle steel and square tubes, on the top with support rollers.
Table type: no power
Diameter of rollers: 55mm
Table size: 3.0 x 1.0 x 0.9m
Quantity: 2 sets
Hydraulic Station
It is controlled by the gear oil pump. After filling the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic oil tank, the hydraulic pump drives the shear to work and empowers the punching operation.
Hydraulic power (electric motor): 7.5 kw
Hydraulic oil: 46# hydraulic oil
Component: The system consists of a set of hydraulic tanks, two sets of hydraulic pumps, six hydraulic pipes, one set of solenoid valves.
There are wind cooling system on this station.
Electric Control System
The PLC powered by the software that controls the automation of the processes of forming cutting and punching, will be of the latest technology available and allow the operator through a touch screen enter quickly and reliably all data to meet a predetermined Production.
PLC. Touch screen. Inverter: Delta
Encoder: Omron
Automatic length measurement ; Automatic quantity measurement
Control panel: Button-type and touch screen
Width, length and the height of the profile can be adjusted automatically by PLC.
Payment terms  -30% by TT for the advance payment at order
 - 70% will be paid after inspection in China before shipment  
Warranty A: Warranty: One year, if any part is damaged with the normal use, we will give you the new for free to replace the broken one. And we will provide the technical support for the whole life.
B: Training and service: The buyer will arrange the transportation and accommodation for the technician, and daily salary is USD100 per person. Meanwhile, our technician will train the workers how to operate the machine and how to maintain the machine daily. Besides, need 2-3 workers to help our technician for installation and commissioning.
C: We will provide you the layout for installation in English, it will be much easier to prepare the space and install the machine according to the layout.

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